Biz Building with LB Bootcamp

This Biz Building Bootcamp is designed to force you to start thinking about the areas you tend to forget in your business. The little details that make a big difference. I want you to keep in mind that you are NOT just a business owner, you are a brand ambassador.

Who you are should be a reflected in your business and vice versa. You are responsible for ensuring that the quality of your products and services are aligned to your marketing and branding.

The goal is to understand that everything that you do and everywhere that you show up, speaks for your business. The areas in this workbook should be considered strategic practices, not just items on a list to check off. You should evaluate these areas on a routine basis and adjust as needed.

Now, let's get to work!

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Please note, Group Bootcamps are only offered on a seasonal basis. Please refer to the schedule for open sessions. VIP DAY requires a strategy call first to determine your needs. Fees for all strategy calls are deducted from your package price through a coupon code.