An Exclusive Members Only Community

We wanted to create a space for women to come together and truly work on their healing and development with a focus on the mind, body and soul wellness. Additionally, tips, tools and resources will be shared that equip members to evaluate how they approach personal and professional relationships, goals, organization and boundaries on a level that is much deeper than simply reading a book.


Membership is open by invite or requesting access. Members can invite other women who they believe will benefit from the sisterhood of this community.

Interested women may also request access by self-nominating themselves for inclusion.

Membership access is for 12-months, regardless of when you join. That way you receive a full-year of benefits and access to assist with your growth process.

All sessions are live. Replays will be posted in the Membership Portal along with workbooks and resources.

Healing your mind with a focus on Mental Health.

Each session during the year will focus on a different topic, feature expert presenters and deliver the building blocks for success. We will have live, actionable sessions that are designed to encourage community.

Focusing on your body through selfcare and physical health.
Healing your soul with a spiritual retreat.

This course is closed for enrollment.